Sourdough starter woes? Use old dough

  1. Cut a chunk of unbaked dough.
Dough shaped for baking, with one piece set aside to be used as “old dough” in the next batch.
Old dough + water, on left. With flour dumped on top, on right.
Stir it up! The old dough doesn’t have to dissolve and break up all the way.
Left: starting point. Middle: bubbly goo after 3-hour rest. Right: surface of bubbly goo. Basically a fed starter.
  • within the next 24 hours, leave your old dough on the counter, covered.
  • within the next 3 days, store it in the fridge.
  • longer than that, store it in the freezer.
Stir in the flour, make the dough. This part isn’t pretty, but the results are delicious.



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Pia Owens

Pia Owens

Tech and privacy lawyer, writer, reader, baker, eater